The Rajah From Hell by H. Bedford-Jones


The hand of vengeance strikes!


These are superb yarns of suspense, written in terse, hardboiled prose. I think you’ll be thoroughly entertained.—author James Reasoner

None of us can escape the backwash of the past. Here, far away from India, the relentless shadows of that bloodstained country were reaching out to cloud my path with mystery and appalling horror. Even aboard ship, the thing began . . .

H. Bedford-Jones, known for his action-charged tales of adventure, displays his mastery of the mystery story in this short novel of murder and deceit.

A Hindu Prince seeks retribution for an ancient offense. Now four men have been marked for murder. Does he carry out his threat? Or can his revenge be thwarted. Find out in The Rajah From Hell!

H. Bedford-Jones writing as Gordon Keyne.


  • Introduction by James Reasoner
  • I—The First Victim: The Thunderbolt of Indra
  • II—The Second Victim: The Diamond Death
  • III—The Third Victim: The Devil’s Fire
  • IV—The Final Victim: He Who Sets a Trap

First book publication.

Trade paperback / 108 pages

Cover design by Tom Roberts

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in