Fists of Fury by Lester Dent


The Adventures of Curt Flagg.

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Fast and furious excitement from the author of Doc Savage!

Fists of Fury collects the two-fisted adventures of Curt Flagg, Lester Dent’s fist great series character from the pages of the extremely rare Scotland Yard magazine. These stories are in many ways prototypes for the characters and situations for which Dent became famous when penning the escapades of Doc Savage a few years later.

With an introduction by historian Will Murray, this book of previously uncollected material also features appendices of background material, outlines and story submission notes from Dent’s personal papers, in addition to correspondence and previously unpublished photos of the author.


  • A brief autobiography of Lester Dent
  • Introduction by Will Murray
  • Wildcat
  • Doom Ship
  • One Billion—Gold!
  • The Sign of the Adder (with a foreword by Will Murray)

Appendix A

  • The Lester Dent papers
  1. Story idea for “The Osage Ogre”
  2. Synopsis for “The Osage Ogre”
  3. Outline for “Death Devil”
  4. Plot outline for “Jade Ogre” (an untold adventure of Curt Flagg)

Appendix B

  • Story submission records
  • About the author


Cover art by William Reusswig.

Trade paperback / 284 pages



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