Raider of the Seas by Warren Hastings Miller


Captain Jim Colvin and the Log of the Pulo Siburu

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Operating the waters from the Indian Ocean to the South China Seas, Captain Jim Colvin, aided by his partner, Chief Engineer Johnny Pedlow navigate the tramp steamerette Pulo Siburu on a string of adventures.

Never above a little smuggling themselves, the Pulo Siburu holds its own against hostile natives, Chinese pirates, smugglers and the underworld lords of Singapore.

Edited and with an introduction by Tom Roberts.


  • Introduction by Tom Roberts
  • Forward by Warren Hastings Miller
  • The Arab Dhow
  • The Missing Lighthouse (with an afterword by the author)
  • Port of Battle (with an afterword by the author)
  • Raider of the Seas
  • The Peach of Pirates
  • The Racketeer Rajah

First book publication

Trade paperback / 106 pages

Cover art by Norman Saunders


Multiple Five Star reviews on Amazon.

“For the reader looking for adventure stories that don’t pretend to be anything else, written by an author who knew ships as well as he did the region and its inhabitants, Raider of the Sea is a great book, sure to send you to the publisher (Black Dog Books) looking for more of the same.”

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